The thing was exquisite and superbly arranged.
It happened in April, and took place on a day
So mild you'd say love purposely made it that way.
Therese was the duchess about whom one says,
"Were I king, I'd give Paris, if God, the whole world,
If only she would always remain the blond Thérèse."
This beautiful Therese with diamond eyes
Had asked all of us to her garden surprise.

There weren't many of us. Selection made our set.
We were all together as well as tete-a-tete.
Couples were wandering in step everywhere.
There were proud lords along with rare beauties there:
Amintas were dreaming next to their Leonores,
Marquises were sharing jokes with monsignors;
And you could see a dwarf, on the stairs or under them,
Stealing from the purses of the knights and gentlemen.