I.  In the sixth grade 
          Eisenhower to go down to South America 
          And Mrs. Goldman to write on the board, 
                 “Watch C.B.S. Reports tonight on Ike’s trip 
                 And write a report.” 
          And she to call him “Ike.”

   The first summer we went to the country
          And I heard the names Eisenhower and Stevenson, 
          And standing there next to the old green Chevrolet 
                Looking for a summer bungalow 
                Seeing the signs 
                And the names Eisenhower and Stevenson 
          And asking my mother which is better 
          And she says “Stevenson.” 

   And then on Election Night in 1956 
         My sister and I share a room 
         And we go to sleep early 
         And we do not know who wins until the next morning 
   And my mother wakes us up for school 
         And my sister asks who won 
         And my mother smiles and no, she says, no, we lost.