Lines Taken from a Poem on Luck, Unwritten


After the curistes are all evacuated, from my balcony.
I watch the hotel next door bum down.

Water. Man. The fire burns all night.
The body burns its own flesh back to blazes.
What to cheer for? Darkness, or the light
Drawn down from heaven? That touch mesmerizes.

The body burns its own flesh back to blazes.
So near the fire, I'm cold. Elaborate:
Drawn down from heaven, what touch mesmerizes?
Moves to still me? Too early or too late.

Too near the fire. I'm cold. Elaborate,
The dance makes its own music, all its own
Moves. Still me. Too early or too late.
Something I've called shelter is undone.

The dance makes its own music all its own.
What's left me in the morning? Emptiness,
Something I've called shelter. I'm undone,
And I've only watched, just blown the kiss.

Leave me in the morning. Emptiness,
Blue sky. Spoiled, even flame lies down.
But I have only watched. Just blown, the kiss
Flies like roof to ash. Like time. My own

Blue sky unspoiled. Even flame lies down.
What to hope for: darkness or—? Made light.
Roof flies to ash, but not this time my own.
Water. Fire. Man, it burned all night.