A man rents two bears. One of the bears wears a little blue fez; on his vest is his name: ‘Bruno.’ The other bear wears a red fez. His vest says ‘Hugo.’ The man takes the bears home with him.

 In his living room, the man pulls off his coat and frees the tails of his shirt and gets a beer from the ice box. He asks the bears what they’ll have to drink, but they shake their heads. He sinks back in the armchair and lets out a long sigh and fiexes his stockinged feet. After a while he leans forward with his elbows on his knees and he looks at the bears. He asks if either one of them is up for sex with him. The bears stop playing with the hoop they brought along. They glance at each other darkly under creased brows. The man pulls out his wallet. “I’ll make it worth your while,” he says. The bears look at the money. The bear named Hugo finally shakes his head. The other bear, Bruno, glances at Hugo. He thinks to himself, and he shrugs. He takes the money and pushes it carefully under his blue fez. He follows the man into the bedroom. He shuts the door.