Earl passed the tryouts for Talent Night mainly because he still limped from his accident, and because he had grown taller and skinnier than ever lying around in casts. The drama teacher, Mrs. Falkes, watched him making tortured faces, strumming dolefully on a guitar equipped with button mike, and pitied him, for even his glasses looked the wrong size. Earl sweated clean through his shirt standing on the stage in the clammy, half-lit auditorium, empty except for tryouts and fat Mrs. Falkes. He'd lost his nerve and ended up doing a song he'd heard instead of his own. He could hardly believe it was him asking people to gape at him and listen to him. He hadn't said a word at home, or his Mom would plain give up all hope for him. He remembered the scarey moment when he knew he had to try out, the way before he fell he had to endure painful tests by the LORD.